Welcome to Impact United

Driving transformation and action in impact investing.

About Us

Impact United is a broad-based community and movement of investors seeking to mobilize capital towards social, economic and environmental justice, comprised of individual investors, families, institutions, faith-based organizations, foundations, and other asset owners.


Impact United connects like-minded organizations, individuals and networks in a Canadian community of impact investors.

  • Social Networks: Build content, discuss ideas, and facilitate interactions
  • Online Groups: Curate online group exchanges
  • Events: Facilitate in-person meetings for those in the same geography

Share Insights

Explore opportunities to cost-share and collaborate on initiatives to support impact investors.

  • Targeted educational programming
  • Access to shared best practices
  • Participation in syndicated due diligence and research 
  • Access to a “Product Showcase” that profiles impact funds and other investment opportunities

Collective Actions

Impact United members may engage in collective actions and initiatives.

  • COVID-19 response and recovery efforts 
  • Special Purpose Vehicles to facilitate pooled capital for members 
  • Impact Investment Co-op funded collectively by members 
  • Experiential group field trips of organizations or regions

Movement Leaders & Supporters

Asset owners and peers leading our Communities of Practice to facilitate fruitful discussions on various impact topics

Knowledge Partners

Expert organizations in their fields providing educational content to our community